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Embracing life's story in light of God's glory.

If there is one thing we have in common, it's that we have experienced the joy of bright skies and the pain of hidden valleys.

These realities create a sense of kinship, community, and fellowship, as we each seek to understand our stories in light of the truth of God’s coming glory.

Friend, whether you are in a season of hurting, hunger, or hope, I pray that you will be encouraged by the truths of God’s Word and know that you are loved, valued, and chosen for an extraordinary purpose.


Regardless of our reckless rebellion or religious reputation, the Maker of heaven and earth has created each of us and calls us by a new name, His child.


It is here, I hope to share stories of God’s goodness, as we journey together on this road called life! 




March Series 

The Power of Perspective

What if our current view of our lives could be seen in a whole new different way? What if we took the time to reframe our thoughts by realigning them with the truths of scripture? 


 My hope through this series is that we may explore the purpose and process of reframing our thoughts so that we may live in the light of truth and experience the freedom found in a powerfully new perspective.

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