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  • Carley Marcouillier

To Hurt or To Heal

I see the hurt and feel helpless

We have become so careless;

Why can’t we see the way in which we bleed

Its flow will not stop until we are truly freed.

The vanity of our profanity

Is talking a toll on our spiritual sanity;

When did perversion become classy

And faith described as trashy?

They say don’t knock it till you try it, Well I don’t buy it;

This self gratification has become Satan’s main foundation.

We ask ourselves why we repeatedly lie and just want to die;

I believe we have an addiction to an unrealistic conviction;

This life is much more than a great high

and running away from the next goodbye.

Why does the culture feel the need to box us in with a label;

This freedom is such a fable.

I don’t see sunshine and open skies,

But a radical sign of this culture’s decline.

We have made religion a hate crime;

And Christians are the ones with closed minds?

This religion we “hate” have been solely misplaced,

We have been looking at the bible from back to front;

Forgetting the most import part.

Christ is not about rules and regulations;

His commands were not meant to condemn

But to show us our greatest need was Him.

We don’t need religion, rules, or rights;

We need a Redeemer to pay our price.

We have come to a point of confusion

Where we have bought into our culture’s allusion.

This broken logic has taken over so quick;

Convincing us we don’t have to quite.

Our pride has become the latest kick;

This is why we cannot commit.

It has become hard to see our sin;

We are comfortable with just fitting in.

But how will our stories end,

Have we even tried to comprehend?

If we could be honestly sure,

Why wouldn’t we take the cure?

Is it our hatred, our pride, our sin that keeps us from repentance,

Or have we never realized Christ paid our life sentence.

He gives us new life,

So we may drop the knife.

He gives us rebirth,

So that we may find true worth.

He grants us grace,

In order that we may run this race.

It’s about a gift, not a religion,

Christ conquered death to bring salvation.

We are hurting and He is healing,

Let’s take a hold of this eternal feeling.