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  • Carley Marcouillier


Updated: May 25, 2019

Child, rest, lay your head down and take a breath,

The weight that you carry has made you weary.

Child, hold fast to the words that I have spoken.

As your heart beats to mend what is broken.

I Am a Father who fights for his children’s freedom;

Did I not part waters for this very reason.

I Am a Father who meets his children’s every need;

Did I not send manna from heaven so as to feed.

Child, be of good courage, as you do your part;

It is a precious gift to have a softened heart.

Child, fear not, as you face the darkness of each day.

Keep your eyes on me as you continue to pray.

I am a Father who hears his children’s cries;

Did I not send my very own son to die.

I am a Father who will one day return for His children’s embrace.

Did I not say it is in this very moment I am preparing such a place.

Child, keep the faith, even when valleys shadow your heavenly view;

For trials prepare you for each new breakthrough.

Child, come close, when you are unable to know;

These days are designed to help you grow.

I Am a Father who will heal his children’s hurts;

Did I not promise to return upon a white horse.

I Am a Father who knows all that his children desire;

Did I not myself set the soul on fire.

Child, hold to this hope when you feel as though this world is falling apart;

For I have been here with you from the very start.

I am your Father- dear child,take heart!