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  • Carley Marcouillier

Her Story: Beauty & Worth

She looks in the magazines, movies, and mirrors;

to define her own beauty a little more clearer.

What lies hide behind  Hollywood's skies?

for are we to believe in a beauty that dies.

For boys may complement and clap;

But what’s the worth in that.

For this world has dragged femininity through trash;

Making sex the priority as a tear falls from a her lash.

Why does acceptance, beauty, and love come at such high a cost?

For the bruises will heal, but her innocence is forever lost.

Her pictures are posted for love and attention;

as she waits for even one sweet simple connection. .

She seeks to be seen, even to the extreme;

lowering herself to a hopeless dream.

Does she still not see that she is more precious than gold;

The King delights in her beauty and desires to place her in His mold.

The love she seeks so hard to find was nailed to a cross for all mankind.

Let go of this world’s obsession and grasp on to this one sentence:

Christ is, and was, and ever will be

your one true love, who died to set you free.

 Your beauty and body were not meant for such abuse;

But are given by God for His special use.

Your value and worth are more than secure;

In light of the cross, Christ's love is completely secure.

And in seeking His face, you will receive,

the radiance He offers and the faith to believe.