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  • Carley Marcouillier

Findings of Mercy & Grace

For His mercy is overwhelming and is grace ever so abounding;

I lack faith, devotion, and ask way too many questions;

Yet He constantly sees me as His pure and precious creation.

My frustration with these notions produces a series of difficult emotions;

I am not worthy of such grace yet Christ offers His sweet embrace.

This love is not blinding, fake or flamboyant;

it is living, active, and has life-changing reactants.

Forget the rules and religious regulations that have been set for generations;

God's grace and mercy are not subject to mere human foundations.

Why do we continue to work for God's love and attention, when He offers us eternal connection?

The simple fact is that He wants to be near;

and His love for us makes this so very clear.  

This gift of salvation is not one of perpetual condemnation

but a personal invitation for complete heart transformation.

His unexpected affirmation is clearly found in Christ's redemption?

This life is so much more than our tiffs, triumphs, and processions;

So when we feel as though we’ve lost it, look again at what it cost Him.

A crown of thorns, a bloody cross, our Savior died to pay our loss.

For through Christ's resurrection we have been given a new direction. 

No longer seeking personal perfection,

we can simply take part in His everlasting affection. 

In this we know, His grace is endless and His mercy seemingly relentless.