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  • Carley Marcouillier


When I was sixteen, I attended a conference called "Do Hard Things". This weekend workshop gathered youth from all over the United States to challenge them to rebel against the low expectations given by culture and begin to do hard things for the sake of the Gospel. ⁣

I remember this weekend so vividly, as my heart was inspired by the words of the young speakers. They affirmed the words of Paul to Timothy, encouraging us to not use our youth as an excuse but begin to set an example for others in our teen years. ⁣

It was here in Chapter 7 of my story, the Lord prompted my heart to help the hurting. He began to stir my soul to share His love and dispute the distortions of our culture. ⁣

My heart found its home in the pages of a pink notebook and I began to write. Through this process, my pages exceeded their intended space as I sat with several sisters who shared their stories of challenge and change. ⁣

Looking back on this chapter of my story, I see the Lord's hand at work, shaping my faith and focus through writing and walking with others. ⁣

A compilation of personal processing and scriptural stories, my pink little notebook was eventually transformed into a stack of crisp white pages, marked with a stamp and sent off as a completed manuscript. Although these words have yet to be read by others, the truths and talks that inspired my work will be treasured forever. ⁣

Chapter 7 of my story is where God began to plant His purpose for my future passion and profession. It was here, I learned that just because God calls me to something does not mean it is going to be easy. ⁣

So, I turn the page and press on, to do hard things for His glory! ⁣

-CM•••⁣ ⁣⁣⁣