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  • Carley Marcouillier


Updated: Jun 25, 2019

I was always that girl. You know the one. focused, friendly, and faithful. From the beginning of my walk with Christ, I sought to be blameless and above reproach. (I am clearly a 1 on the enneagram )

But beyond my personality type, I remember this chapter of my story being one of personal pressure. Perfection became my passion, and I quickly learned the steps to gain the praise of my Christian perception. This dance quickly progressed into a pride which blinded me from the grace of the gospel.

Day after day, I devoted myself to my duty as a "good" daughter. I worked to win God's love and believed that my blamelessness would bring me closer to Christ.

Chapter six of my story, is were I began to grasp the worthlessness of works in light of God's goodness. I came to learn that God's love for me was not measured by my merit but rather given with more grace than I could ever imagine.

God met me here in my story, and reminded my heart to simply rest. No more running or reckless reaching, for God's grace taught me that my goodness was not based on me but rather placed on me!

-CM•••⁣ ⁣