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  • Carley Marcouillier

A Broken Beauty

We often look at the shadows of our stories as the “broken” parts

Desperately trying to to blend the colors of our hearts.

Yet, recently I have discovered that in hiding these places of my past,

I miss the intricate and beautiful art of grace’s contrast.

I justified my silence in the name of shame,

taking on the burdens of self-inflicted blame.

This perception was ultimately self-deception,

as its weight eroded even my deepest emotions.

“Share your story with those who are worthy”,

an author once penned in discussing life’s journey.

This challenge stick with me,

much like being handed a key to what could be.

As I opened my heart to this place of unfamiliarity,

I soon realized the poetic irony.

What I viewed as the broken and bruised parts of me,

were the very same pieces that brought me to transparency:

Through heart-ache and pain, I learned I have a new name.

In loss and despair, I grasped hold of my God in prayer.

By the hand of rejection, I was given a new direction.

and through guilt and shame, I learned to proclaim:

Yes, I am broken…

Yet, this is not the last thing spoken,

all of life’s allegory is one of magnificent glory because it reflects the King in our story.

The beauty that blends bruises and with brightness,

is found in my progress towards Christ’s likeness.

So, I press on in this journey, sharing my story-

that I am simply a broken beauty.