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"The mission of The Twenty-Something Talk is to create a community of conversation through contribution and connection."




After 26 years and three months, I have come to learn that the 20s are a decade of drastic decision and change. In talking with many young adults over these last several years, I realized that we all have different definitions of the "Twenties" and our stories are significant yet in many ways unshared or even unspoken

My heart in hosting The Twenty-Something Talk is to simply invite the sharing of stories. With this in mind, I have designed a focus group for both men and women (ages 20-29) to learn and listen to the diversity of experiences held within our decade of decision.


My hope is by exploring the patterns of personal progress and pain gathered through each community of conversation, we may better understand and address the challenges facing our generation!

You're Invited.

Save your seat & come have coffee with me!  

Wed, Nov 13
Mission House Coffee
The 20 Something Talk |Focus Group #3|
Mon, Nov 04
Gospel Community Rivermont - Cafe
The 20 Something Talk |Focus Group #2|
Mon, Oct 21
Mission House Coffee
The 20-Something Talk
Thu, Oct 10
Humankind - Webster Buillding
The 20 Something Talk